How to Unlock the M416 Glacier Skin in BGMI

The M416 Glacier Skin is a highly sought-after cosmetic item in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). This skin adds a visually appealing and unique look to the M416 weapon, making it stand out on the battlefield. Unlocking the M416 Glacier Skin requires completing specific in-game tasks and collecting rewards. It's a symbol of prestige and customization that players strive to obtain in BGMI.

The M416 Glacier skin in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is highly sought after by players due to its legendary status. However, obtaining this skin can be quite challenging, even for players with a substantial amount of UC (Unknown Cash) in their inventory. In this article, we will guide you through proven tips and tricks to help you secure the coveted M416 Glacier skin in BGMI, completely free of charge, throughout the year 2023.


As mentioned  before, the M416 Glacier skin is both  fabulous and rare in BGMI, meaning that it can not be  attained simply by redeeming canons or opening crates. While the effectiveness of the tips and tricks we present then may vary from player to player,  numerous YouTubers claim to have successfully  attained the M416 Glacier skin in BGMI by following these same strategies.   Without  farther ado, let’s  cave into each tip collectively, equipping you with the knowledge necessary to increase your chances of securing this remarkable skin 

 Tips to obtain M416 Glacier Skin in BGMI

Tip 1: Opt for a Simple Avatar  

 When opening crates in Battlegrounds Mobile India, it's  pivotal to use a simple and  unpretentious  icon . The  appeal of an  seductive and striking  icon  inadvertently diminishes the liability of  carrying  fabulous skins  similar as the M416 Glacier in BGMI.   

Tip 2: Remove Your Outfit   

To enhance your chances of acquiring this unique and exclusive armament skin, make sure to remove any outfit you may be wearing before opening crate in BGMI. Doing so will  give a subtle advantage in your pursuit of the M416 Glacier skin.   

Tip 3: Timely Crate Opening 

  For optimal results, open your crates in BGMI during the night hours or early morning. At these times, the game garçon  gests  a reduced  force,  adding  the probability of  carrying this exquisite armament skin.   

Tip 4 :Sequential Crate Opening  

 still, it's  judicious to open them one by one rather than all at  formerly, If you  retain multiple crates in BGMI. Opening crate collectively heightens the chances of acquiring the M416 Glacier skin in Battlegrounds Mobile India.   

Tip 5: The Tapping fashion  

  In multitudinous YouTuber suggest that tapping multiple times on the M416 Glacier skin can ameliorate your chances of  carrying it. Although we didn't find this tip particularly  poignant, it's worth trying ago  multitudinous players claim to have secured the asked  skin using this  system.   


Tips for Faster Progression

To expedite the process of obtaining the M416 Glacier Skin, consider the following tips:
  • Focus on completing daily missions promptly.
  • Participate in special events and limited-time offers that provide additional Glacier Treasure Vouchers.
  • Join online communities and forums to gather valuable insights and strategies from experienced players.
  • Stay consistent and dedicated to the objective, as unlocking the M416 Glacier Skin requires time and effort.

These tips and tricks serve as your  companion to  carrying the coveted M416 Glacier skin in both Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile. As soon as we stumble upon new  perceptivity or strategies, we will  modernize this composition consequently. Stay tuned for the  rearmost updates and stylish of luck on your hunt for the remarkable M416 Glacier skin! 


Unlocking the M416 Glacier Skin in BGMI is a rewarding experience for players who enjoy customization and personalization in the game. By following the step-by-step guide and implementing the provided tips, players can increase their chances of obtaining this highly sought-after cosmetic item. Stand out on the battlefield with the prestigious M416 Glacier Skin in BGMI.

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