College Romance Season 4 Review: The Bittersweet Farewell to College Days

College Romance Season 4

College life is often considered the best phase of one's life, filled with unforgettable experiences, enduring friendships, and young love. The popular series College Romance, created by The Viral Fever (TVF) and available on Sony LIV, has captured the essence of college days in its previous seasons. The highly anticipated season 4, released recently, marks the bittersweet farewell to college and the transition into adulthood. In this review, we will explore the final season of College Romance and evaluate its success in capturing the true essence of college life, friendships, and young love.

A Shift in Tone and Themes

College Romance Season 4 Trailer

The final season of College Romance takes a more serious approach compared to its predecessors. The characters, Bagga, Naira, Karan, Deepika, and others, find themselves facing the challenges and uncertainties of the real world as they enter their final year of college. The carefree and light-hearted tone of the previous seasons gives way to a more introspective and contemplative narrative.

The Impact of Character Development

One of the strengths of the previous seasons of College Romance was the relatable and well-developed characters. However, in season 4, the character development falls short, leaving the audience yearning for more. Bagga, Naira, Karan, and Deepika, who were once vibrant and multi-dimensional, seem to lack the depth and growth that would be expected in their final year of college. The performances of the actors are commendable, but the limited character development hampers their ability to truly shine.

Plot Continuity and Fresh Angles

The final season of College Romance picks up where the previous season ended, with Deepika torn between her feelings for Raavie and Harry. This love triangle adds a layer of complexity to the relationships between the characters. The plot also delves into fresher angles, such as exploring same-sex relationships and addressing social taboos. Despite the serious themes, the show manages to infuse its trademark comical understanding, making it entertaining and fun to watch.

Nostalgia and Relatability


College Romance Season 4

One of the key elements that made College Romance resonate with the audience in its earlier seasons was the nostalgia it evoked for college days. Unfortunately, in season 4, the show fails to capture the same level of nostalgia and relatability. The breakups and reconciliations lack impact, and the storylines seem disconnected from the audience's own college experiences. The absence of clever one-liners, which were a trademark of the show, further adds to the lack of nostalgia.

The Role of Writing and Direction

Ashutosh Chaturvedi and Pankaj Mavchi, the writers and directors of College Romance, have approached the final season with natural and genuine storytelling. However, the writing and direction focus more on surface-level understanding of the characters, missing an opportunity to delve deeper into their complexities. The show remains true to its target audience, those who fondly reminisce about campus life and relationships, but it falls short in fully engaging a wider audience.

Acting and Performances

College Romance Season 4 Cast

The cast of College Romance, including Gagan Arora, Apoorva Arora, Keshav Sadhna, Shreya Mehta, Nupur Nagpal, Eklavey Kashyap, and Jahvni Rawat, delivers commendable performances. They effortlessly portray the dynamics of college friendships and the challenges of young love. Despite the limitations in character development, the actors bring their respective roles to life, adding depth and authenticity to the series.

The Realistic Campus Environment

One of the notable aspects of College Romance is its ability to create a realistic portrayal of college life. The series successfully captures the essence of Delhi college scenarios, from the familiar hangout spots to the language and mannerisms of the characters. As a Delhi University student myself, I can attest to the authenticity of the show's representation. The creators and actors have maintained the same level of realism throughout the seasons, making it relatable for many viewers.

The Final Verdict

College Romance Season 4 Review

In conclusion, College Romance Season 4 is a bittersweet farewell to college life and the beloved characters we have grown to love. While the season takes a more serious tone and explores fresher angles, it falls short in capturing the nostalgia and relatability of its earlier seasons. The character development is lacking, but the performances of the cast remain commendable. The show maintains its realistic portrayal of college life, but the writing and direction could have delved deeper into the characters' journeys. Despite its shortcomings, College Romance Season 4 remains an entertaining watch for those who resonate with the themes of campus life, relationships, and the challenges of growing up.

College Romance Season 4 is currently streaming on Sony LIV, providing fans with a final chance to bid farewell to Bagga, Naira, Karan, and Deepika as they embark on their journey beyond college.

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