BGMI Rewards: Full List of New Season Rewards & Events, How to Redeem and Participate.

 BGMI Rewards: Full List of New

 Rewards & Events, How to Redeem

 and Participate.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is finally back. The popular battle royale game is now available for download on Android smartpones. For iOS users, the game will be available for download  soon. Speaking of which, you should be surprised by the  exciting rewards that the game will give players as a welcome gift.

Well,this battleroyale game has revealed some amazing rewards that you can easily earn while playing.Be It Welcome, weekly checking events or big events like UnderworldUnleashed, players 

can earn tons of free BGMIrewards. In this article, we will lookat these gifts and how you can easily take advantage of them.   without further ado, let's get started!

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What are BGMI Rewards?

BGMI Awards or Battlegrounds Mobile India Awards are nice rewards and bonuses that players can earn in the popular battle royale mobile game. These rewards are a way for players to get favorite items such as skins, outfits, weapon upgrades, and special items that improve their gameplay.

These rewards can be earned in a variety of ways, including 
completing daily quests, participating in events and competitions, completing certain milestones or progressing through the 
ranks. The various rewards available at BGMI help players
 customize and customize their gaming experience, adding an extra level of engagement and excitement to their gaming 

How to Get BGMI Rewards?

Here are some of the ways through which you can get BGMI rewards for free:

Welcome Back Rewards

Battlegrounds Mobile India is also offering some great rewards for those who have downloaded the game again. As part of Welcome Back gifts, the game is currently offering the following:

  • Groovy Peck Set (2d days)
  • Groovy Peck Cover (2 days)
  • 2 Ranked protection cards
  • 2 Bonus rating cards
  • Free Syngery gits
  • 1,888 Exp points

BGMI Return Gift Event

Krafton is holding a special event for BGMI players who are returning back to the game. The event brings a lot of exciting rewards for the players. To start with, the event comes with Daily Return which will provide rename cards, helmet skin, Corn Suit, and more for free. Moreover, players need to obtain coins by completing Return Missions. Once they have enough coins, they can purchase an outfit, car skin, gun skin, and more. One can select the rewards and start collecting the coins. The event will end on June 27, 2023.

Underworld Unleashed Event

The next way to get BGMI rewards is by participating in Underworld Unleashed Event. This is a log-in event from the developers that will end on June 20th. During this event, players need to log in daily for seven days to get some exciting rewards. Here is the list of rewards available for the event:

  • AG points
  • Silver
  • Underworld Guardian Parachute skin
  • Underworld Guardian Set
  • Underworld Guardian Mask

Add New Friends Event

BGMI is also holding a special Add New Friends event that will allow players to earn some good BGMI rewards. To start with, users need to add in-game friends to get the rewards. One can add up to 10 in-game rewards to get rewards like:
  • Heart (Chicken)
  • Classic Crate Coupon Scraps
  • Supply Crate Coupon Scraps

Cycle 4 Seasons 10 Tier


BGMI 2.5 is currently running on Cycle 4 Season 10, which will end on June 2nd. During this event, players will have a chance to get some good rewards every time they move up one Tier. The Gold tier. Players will get a plethora of rewards with this event. The list of rewards is as follows:

Gold Tier

  • C4S10 Set
  • Season Tokens
  • Supply Crate Coupon Scraps

Platinum Tier

  • C4S10 Sunglasses
  • Season Tokens
  • Supply Crate Coupon Scraps
  • Tread Aura (Yellow)

Diamond Tier

  • C4S10 AUG Gun Skin
  • Season Tokens
  • Supply Crate Coupon Scraps
  • Tread Aura (Yellow)

Crown Tier

  • Rank Protection Card
  • Season Tokens
  • Supply Crate Coupon Scraps
  • Tread Aura (Yellow)

Ace Tier

  • C4S10 Mask

Ace Master Tier

  • C4S10 Cover

Ace Dominator Tier

  • C4S10 Ace Dominator Avatar


  • C4S10 Conqueror Avatar Frame

Weekly Sign-In Event

Lastly, we have the regular Sign-in event, which is a staple for Battlegrounds Mobile India. With this event, users will be able to get different rewards once they sign-in every day for a week. The rewards for this week include:

  • Fortune Pack
  • 50 AG points
  • Supply Crate Coupon Scrap
  • 500 BP
  • Premium Carte Voucher (10 UC)
  • Classic Crate Coupon Scrap

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I Redeem my BGMI rewards?

You can easily redeem your free BGMI rewards by completing the missions and tasks that are associated with the rewards. After the competition, you will get the rewards automatically.

Is BGMI available in India?

Yes, Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI is available for download in India. Android users can download the game from Google Play Store. For iOS users, the game will be available shortly.

Can we gift items in BGMI?

There are certain items that you can gift to your friends in the game. These include popularity and UC points. However, you cannot gift items like clothes, skins, rename passes, and others that are available in your inventory.

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