BGMI: Don’t Miss These Free Skins From the Bonus Top Up Event.

BGMI: Don't miss this free skin during the Bon-

us Top Up Event


Mobile gaming has become popular in recent years, and one of the most played games on mobile devices is BGMI. It's a game that allows players to showcase their battle-royale skills while also providing ample opportunities for them to enjoy themselves. Furthermore, the game allows players to customize their characters with different skins, which is one of the most appealing aspects of the game. In this blog post, we'll show you how to get free skins in BGMI through the bonus top-up event.
What is BGMI?

BGMI is a mobile game that has been developed as a battleground game with different titles. It has been designed to cater to pro-gamers and casual gamers alike. This game facilitates solo play, team play, and duo play in a highly competitive environment that all sort of gamers enjoy.


To be highly adequate at BGMI, one needs to know how to use the weapons effectively, how to plan their moves, and how to get their character to survive longer than others. At grander stakes, gamers need to own an excellent weapon, riding items, and a remarkable attire. Hence, customizing the appearance of your character has now become one of the most prominent features of a game like BGMI.
What are Skins in BGMI?

BGMI has several unique features and celebrates different costume themes so that players feel the joy of playing a game to the fullest. It is one of the essentials showcased in BGMI, for that reason participants go from the arcade platform of Twitch to the platform of BGMI. BGMI is known for its premium skins as well as its enviable free skins deposited for players to pick from.

In video games, skins are the clothing and other items that you use to outfit your character. It affects your complete outfit, your rifle, and even your car in-factory production by a unique design. Skins are frequently used to demonstrate who the player is and provide the opportunity for a player to be even more artistic. Skins can also make your character more visually appealing, resulting in a more enjoyable gaming experience. Purchasing skins frequently costs more, but there are several free skins available in BGMI.

Bonus Top-Up Event BGMI's Bonus Top-Up Event is an excellent opportunity for players to earn free skins by topping up with UC (Unknown Cash). You can get hold of the bonus top-up event section after clicking the UC option on the top left corner and visiting the 'Events' tab. The Bonus Top-Up Event enables participants to earn various rewards by topping up specific amounts of UC during the event period. Players can receive free skins, BGMI's premium currency of UC, and other unique items as a reward. This is a fantastic way to improve the appearance of your character of BGMI while also saving your money.

What are the Top Up Rewards in BGMI?

The "Bonus Top Up" event went live on 3rd June and will remain in the game till 1st July. Players have almost a one month window within which they need to recharge specific amounts of UC to avail the free rewards. Below are the list of rewards with respect to their top-up requirement. 

  • Top Up 100 UC - 10 UC Voucher (30 Days)

  • Top Up 200 UC - 10 UC Voucher x 2 (30 days)

  • Top Up 500 UC - Blood Rose Set

  • Top Up 1000 UC - Rhythmic Mirth M16A4

  • Top Up 3000 UC - Paint

  • Top Up 8000 UC - Materials

Except for the vouchers, all the items included in the reward pool are permanent. 'Paint' and 'Materials' can be used to upgrade firearms skins that players often need to purchase separately. 

Don't Miss These Free Skins

If you want to obtain free skins in BGMI, make certain to participate in the Bonus Top-Up Event. The following skins are up for grabs during this event.

Reward Level 1: Lone Wolf Outfit

Players who top up with 60 UC during the Bonus Top-Up Event will receive the Lone Wolf Outfit. This costume is suitable for someone who wants to stand out from the pack and showcase their individuality.

Reward Level 2: VSS Gun Skin

If you top up with 300 UC during the Bonus Top-Up Event, you'll be eligible for a VSS Gun Skin. This is an excellent opportunity for players who enjoy using sniper rifles to enhance their arsenal.
Reward Level 3: Venom Soldier Set

The Venom Soldier Set, available to players who top up with 600 UC during the Bonus Top-Up Event, is a collection of skins designed to make your character appear more intimidating. This collection includes skins for your attire, a paratrooper helmet and boots.

Reward Level 4: Drum Gun Skin

The Drum Gun Skin will be given to participants who top up with 1500 UC during the event's fourth level. This skin upgrades the look of your drum gun with an aesthetically appealing and stunning skin.


BGMI is an enjoyable mobile game that provides players with numerous opportunities to customize their appearance. Skins are essential to the game, offering exciting and unique outfits to make your character stand out. The Bonus Top-Up Event enables you to acquire these skins for free, so players should take advantage of this opportunity. Do you want to improve the look of your character and look as distinct as possible? Sign up for the Bonus-Top Event to acquire free skins and show off your personality with the game's costumes.

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